How to use a DHEA supplement? What are the best of them?

DHEA has immense benefits in hormonal restoration for men and women, antiaging, bodybuilding and treatment of andropause (male menopause).

The human body’s natural manufacturing of DHEA may differ vastly as it ages, with minimal levels produced prior to puberty, maximum output in your late 20’s or early 30’s, and then a continuous diminished production of internal DHEA with accelerating age.

This age-related sequence of manufacturing was the reason that experts put forward a theory that DHEA production in body might well actually be associated with the aging process itself.

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Some scientific studies demonstrate a link between declining DHEA levels and the following conditions:-

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Increased risk for certain cancers
  • Low libido
  • Cognitive decline
  • Osteoporosis
  • Some complications of type II diabetes

If you are deficient in DHEA, medical experts believe that supplementing with DHEA can help the following:

  • Reduction in unwanted fat storage as a result of superior thyroid response
  • Encourage bone buildup
  • Boosting muscle mass
  • Enhance mood (which includes preventing depression and other symptoms associated with mid life crisis)
  • Preventing cancer
  • Reduction in speed at which body ages
  • Better immune response
  • Better management of stress and reduction in bad effects that stress has on body
  • Improving sleep
  • Athletes trying to enhance performance
  • Improving sex drive
  • Improving time to recover from stress and physical workouts
  • Improving a feeling of well being

In this article, we will review the best DHEA supplements for men and women, and some tips to take those supplements.

1). Provacyl for men

A man might be looking to take DHEA to treat any symptoms that typically come with aging and mid life crisis like depression, low libido, low motivation, excess fat especially belly fat, insomnia, or the reverse of any of the above mentioned benefits of DHEA.

However, men should realize that DHEA is just one piece of the “hormone” puzzle.

Our endocrine system is far more complex and merely taking one hormone based supplement might not be the best solution. There are other factors involved like testosterone, dopamine, human growth hormone etc. which all have a declining effect with aging.

The best strategy would be to take a multi-ingredient DHEA supplement that works via several mechanisms influencing all the related hormones especially “growth hormone” which is the MASTER balancing hormone and testosterone which is the primary male hormone.

This supplement Provacyl contains all natural herbs and compounds that influence the body to produce more of these “anti aging hormones” in a safe and effective manner. The supplement itself does not contain any other hormone besides DHEA which is safe to consume.

2). Stand alone DHEA supplement for men and women for anti aging and bodybuilding

For this, we recommend to take Ageforce DHEA patches.

3). Taking DHEA Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal glands lie right above your kidneys, and are essential in the functions of your cells and how you deal with stress. These two glands are as small as walnuts and lighter than grapes, but perform vital functions.

The various hormones these glands produce are DHEA, cortisol, aldosterone, norepinephrine, epinephrine, androstenedione, testosterone, and estrogen. These various hormones have the abilities to change how your cells will heal wounds, strengthen your bones, fight off infections, regenerate damaged skin, stabilize blood sugar levels, digest your food, allow you to achieve deep sleep, and also energize you.

Poor diets or large amounts of stress will impact every portion of your body. This can affect your adrenal glands, and you’ll begin to feel fatigued. The fatigue will usually be accompanied by one or more than one of the following -various pains, digestive problems, insomnia, inflammations, infections, and skin disorders.

You can only relieve the damage to your adrenal glands once you change your diet and lifestyle.

So, besides taking DHEA supplement, get a good amount of rest and follow a good diet and consume the necessary nutrients and use anti cortisol foods and you will start seeing less of the side effects.

Even though dietary supplements can’t replace a healthy diet and rest, they can greatly help rejuvenate the adrenal glands.

4). Should You Take DHEA Supplements?

You will probably benefit from DHEA supplements if you’ve long had a poor diet, not enough sleep, and loss of motivation. Of course, proper tests will have to be taken to ensure that you are indeed DHEA deficient. However, if you often feel overwhelmed, fatigued, depressed, and don’t have much of a libido; you probably do have a deficiency.

5). More DHEA Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Better

Usually, more is better – not with DHEA. Too much of these hormones can cause significant problems. If you take the supplements for a prolonged time, it’s possible that your body will stop making its own natural amounts. This can lead to adrenal gland shutdown, and cause many health issues.

For this reason, many doctors will suggest that you take a break from the supplements on a set schedule.

DHEA supplements are usually provided in doses between 5 to 200 mg. Though it hasn’t been studied extensively, the general consensus of what amount of DHEA an average person in their 20s should have is around 10 to 25 mg. Supplement amounts over the normal range can be prescribed for a short period of time in case of badly damaged adrenal glands, but prolonged use of such a high dosage will most likely lead to side effects.

Hormone balance is fragile by nature, so taking the supplements must be first consulted over with an experienced doctor. It’s not recommended to take them before talking to a doctor and testing your natural DHEA levels.

6). Take DHEA in the morning

One other factor to consider is that your body will produce its DHEA in the morning, then use it up by nighttime. Therefore, you should take the supplements in the morning to add onto your natural levels.

7). Oral pills vs DHEA patch

Swallowing the hormone has several consequences, and can alter your metabolism of them. Firstly, your stomach acids will demolish a good part of the hormone unless you are taking a good quality supplement with enteric coating  like HyperGH14x, if you are looking for DHEA for bodybuilding.

Those that are able to pass through the stomach will land in the liver. The problem with this is that your liver will pass some hormone along normally, but will also change or reject others. Additionally, the liver will produce a variety of metabolites when dealing with the hormones, and will result in undesirable side effects.

Swallowing the supplements will only allow around 30-50 percent of them from actually getting to the necessary areas unless you use a supplement like Provacyl. If you were to obtain the actual amounts needed, you’d essentially need to swallow a dose that is much higher than the prescribed amount.

The absorption rate of a DHEA patch is much higher.

8). How to Effectively Use a DHEA Patch

A patch that combines DHEA and Pregnenolone is even more recommended, since their combination will increase your strength, endurance, libido, mental acuity, lean muscle mass, etc.

One of the most common mistakes doctors will make is to tell you to administer the DHEA cream or patch over your skin. This is much better than swallowing supplements, but is definitely not the most effective way to administer the hormones.

It’s actually very hard to determine a specific dose when you apply patch to your skin. If the hormones gather up within your fat tissues, you will end up getting a higher dose than you actually require.

There are ways both women and men can use the patch and not experience the side effects you get if you apply patches directly on a specific part of your skin.

Ideally, women should apply it directly on the “mucous epithelial membranes” on their vaginas. This is the best way to administer the right dosage and prevent undesirable metabolites. Men will need to apply the patch over their rectum, which is similar to women’s mucous epithelial membranes.

However, holding them over to those regions can be cumbersome.

If these areas are an issue, it’s possible to also apply the patch on your wrists, right where you feel the main nerve.

The Conclusion on DHEA

In the 1990s, DHEA was nicknamed as the “fountain of youth.” This might just well be true, to an extent.

Normally, your body is equipped to regulate the standard DHEA levels based on your age and stress amounts. Most people won’t need extra supplementation of DHEA in their early lives.

These days, however, more and more people report fatigue, weight gain, depression, bad moods, and insomnia. These could be side effects of today’s poor diet, lack of exercising, and stress. If these aren’t monitored well, the adrenal glands won’t function well.

The imbalance of DHEA in your adrenal glands can also be the cause of long-term problems like depression, weight gain, and exhaustion. If there is indeed an imbalance, it will be hard to get rid of these issues. Another issue you have might be loss of regular sleep, which will highly affect all factors of your life.

If you have been suffering from stress, fatigue, weakness, depression, or decreased libido; you should consider seeking a consultation with a holistic doctor.

He or she will administer a 24 hour urine test so that your DHEA levels can be checked. There are many people these days that unknowingly suffer through stress and exhaustion due to low DHEA levels, and you should not remain as one of these people.

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  1. I’m moving near West Palm Beach from Long Island, NY.. I was wondering if you can recommend doctor(s) knowledgeable & experienced with Adrenal Insufficiency. I’m a 56 yr old male that went through a pituitary adenoma tumor surgery which caused me to have adrenal insufficiency and diabetes insipidus


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